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Dunk Island

Situated midway between Cairns and Townsville, Dunk Island is located roughly 4km off the mainland Tropical North Queensland coast. The largest of the Family National Park islands, Dunk was originally named ‘coonanglebah’ by its aboriginal inhabitants meaning ‘Island of Peace and Plenty’. With more than 75% of Dunk Island made up of National Park, it still lives up to this name today.

Characterised by lush rainforest, Dunk Island’s dense flora and fauna is home to a wide range of wildlife including the famous blue Ulysses butterfly and more than 150 bird species including vulnerable and rare seabirds. A range of reptiles also call Dunk Island home including skinks, geckos, tree snakes and pythons while a vast range of marine life can be found in the reefs that fringe the island including fish, shellfish, dugongs, sea turtles and colourful corals.

With much natural landscape to enjoy, Dunk Island is a tropical haven for water sports and activities. From the palm-fringed beaches to the dense rainforest, there is an attraction to suit everyone. The Great Barrier Reef is just minutes away and the island’s National Park offers a fascinating playground just begging to be explored and enjoyed.

Dunk Island offers so much to discover right on your doorstep making it difficult to decide how to spend your time. Why not ride a horse along the beach or stroll through the rainforest? There are also jet ski tours and catamarans available for hire. However if you’re after a more relaxed pace, a picnic on the beach is an ideal experience and offers amazing views of the beaches and distant islands.

However you choose to spend your time on Dunk Island, you can be sure that this picturesque holiday destination won’t disappoint. Conveniently located close to the mainland, you can also enjoy the best of both worlds and explore the Queensland coast during your Dunk Island holiday.


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